Cape Canaveral Air Force Station Virtual Tour

Awards & recognition

"The Program"
December 30, 2002
I'm proud to have one of my tour photos featured in "The Program" strip. "The Program" is just one of the aviation-based strips by Wes Oleszewski. Check them out at
Historic and Cultural Heritage Award
September 19, 2001
"Congratulations! Your website Cape Canaveral Air Force Station Virtual Tour has met with the criteria needed to win our Historic and Cultural Heritage Merit Award! You have won our award for your very excellent content and your laborious research."
   Milstar II/Titan IVB Guest Tour
May, 2001
I am pleased to have been selected to supply photos and narrative for the Air Force's MJPO Milstar II/Titan IVB Guest Tour.
   Space Careers Space Site Of The Week
June 18, 2000
"Long before Space Shuttles were lifting off from the Kennedy Space Center, what is now the Cape Canaveral Air Station was launching America's rockets. You don't hear too much about Cape Canaveral Air Station today, other than the fact that it launches unmanned missions. To correct this Rob Svirskas, the author, built the site using photos from his personal tour of the historic liftoff site accompanied by interesting descriptions."
   Air & Space / Smithsonian ("Reviews & Previews")
May 2000 issue
"Take a look around the launch pads and rockets of America's first spaceport."
   Access Internet Magazine (featured "Virtual Tours" site)
Jan. 23 - Jan. 29, 2000 issue
"Blast off with a true space fan for a control-room perspective of the Cape Canaveral Air Station. The author built the site using photos from his 1996 tour of the historic liftoff site. Enter the main gate and move through images of scorched launch pads, rockets, blast deflectors and room-sized computers. Each photo is accompanied by interesting narrative and rocket specifications."
   The Space Race Museum Excellent Site Award
December 6, 1999
"I am very happy to add your site to the list of winners! I did like the feature which showed you what it would look like when it was active. Really, a great web site that shows alot of love and effort for the subject, which is what I'm looking for."
   Prime Navigator Site Award
June 17, 1999
This site was selected as a Prime Navigator Site.
   The Ol' PAD RAT Award
May 9, 1999
I am proud to receive the first "Ol' Pad Rat" award ever. The "Pad Rat" shown represents the omnipresent ghost of Quality Launch Processing of the past. (author's comment)
   Jason Study's Excellent Space Site Award with Honors
April 19, 1999
"I've seen your site many times, I really like it! You've been chosen as one of the honor award recipients!"
   Médaille d'Or for Web Site Excellence
November 8, 1998
"This site is a well organised and entertaining virtual tour of the Cape Canaveral Air Station, the location of America's historic space launches including projects Mercury and Gemini, and the first of the Apollo missions."
   Final Frontier (featured "Cyberspace" site)
September/October 1998 issue
"America's space program got off the ground - literally - at Cape Canaveral. However, many of the launch sites are overlooked by or are inaccessible to the public. This Web site offers a virtual photographic tour of the Cape, from old missile test stands to the Mercury and Gemini launch pads and the site of the Apollo 1 accident."
   Roger's Space Web Award
June 28, 1998
"Congratulations, Rob! You have won the "SpaceWeb" Award!! I have personally reviewed your site and you have met the strict requirements I feel will best represent the high standards of the other award winners!"
   SpaceViews Space Site of the Week
week of June 1, 1998
"The Air Force's Cape Canaveral Air Station is where the United States' space program literally got off the ground. Although overshadowed today by its neighbor, NASA's Kennedy Space Center, CCAS is still used today for a wide range of unmanned launches. This virtual tour, by Rob Svirskas, is a series of photos of CCAS, including areas both accessible to the public (like the Air Force Space Museum) and facilities usually not seen by the public. It's a great way to take a look at a lesser-known side of the Cape!"
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