Complex 13 Mobile Service Tower and launch stand Zoom

This is the Complex 13 Mobile Service Tower (MST) and launch stand. Complex 13 (along with Complexes 11, 12, and 14) were built in the late 1950ís to support launches of the Atlas missile. The first launch from Complex 13 took place on August 2, 1958. After its final Atlas launch on February 13, 1962, the Complex was rebuilt to support Atlas-Agena launches.

The Complex was turned over to NASA in 1966, where it supported several Atlas-Agena launches. In 1968, the Complex reverted to Air Force control. It continued supporting Atlas-Agena launches until the final launch on April 7, 1978.  Complex 13 was added to the National Register of Historic Places on April 16, 1984.

The picture above shows the MST (the large red structure on the left), the umbilical tower (the smaller red tower just to the MST's right), and the launch stand (the structure extending to the right edge of the picture). The small buildings you see to the right of the MST (at the extreme left of the launch stand) comprise the pressurization unit. This was used to keep the launch vehicle pressurized with its propellants.

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