Complex 18 blockhouse
  Complex 18 blockhouse Zoom

This is the Complex 18 blockhouse and surrounding area as it appeared on July 9 of 1959. It appears to have been taken from the tower at Pad A. The structure in the center of the photo is the blockhouse. The "channel" in the earthen berm at the front of the blockhouse has four windows that look out onto Pad A. You will notice no similar channel to the left of the blockhouse's centerline for Pad B; launches from Pad B were observed with cameras on the blockhouse's roof, and through a mirror system. There are two rectangular boxes at the top of the earthen berm close to centerline; these are two mirror systems - one for each pad.

The quonset hut to the right of the blockhouse is the propulsion workshop. Directly behind that, with its edge visible in the extreme right of the photo, is the engineering office.

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Photo courtesy of Jerry Tritto
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