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This is Complex 37 as it appeared in 1999 while being refurbished. Complex 37 was built in 1962 (after Complex 34) to support the Saturn I and Saturn IB programs. Between 1964 and 1968, it supported a total of eight unmanned Saturn launches. It was mothballed in 1971, and had its service structure scrapped in 1972.

In 1998, Boeing gave Complex 37 a new lease on life by starting to retrofit it to launch their new Delta IV vehicles. The Delta IV was created to service to fulfill the requirements of the Air Force's EELV (Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle) program. The inaugural launch of the Delta IV is planned for 2002.

The three clusters of buildings you see in the background are part of Cape Canaveral's ITL (Integrate-Transfer-Launch) facility, built in the 1960's and used to service Complexes 40 and 41. The land the buildings stand on are man-made islands that were created with 6.5 million cubic yards of landfill. The leftmost large building is the VIB (Vertical Integration Building), where vehicles and payloads are assembled. To its right is the SMAB (Solid Motor Assembly Building), where solid motors are built up. At the far right is the SMARF (Solid Motor Assembly and Readiness Facility), where the solids are mated to the vehicles.

Visible in the far background on the right is Kennedy Space Center's VAB (Vehicle Assembly Building).

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Photo Copyright 1999
Joe Marino/Aerospace Reports Photographic Services.
Joe is a staff photographer for the National Space Society.
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