Complex 40's first launch: Titan IIIC
Complex 40 becomes active with the first Titan IIIC launch Zoom

It is June 18, 1965, and there are two significant "firsts" today: Complex 40 hosts its first launch, and the vehicle launched is the first Titan IIIC. This launch lofted 21,000 lbs. of lead ballast into orbit, and validated both the launch Complex and the launch vehicle.

The Titan IIIC is essentially a Titan IIIA with added solid boosters for extra thrust. The Titan IIIA was only launched four times (all from Complex 20). Although the naming convention might suggest otherwise, the Titan IIIB (a Titan IIIA core with a Centaur upper stage) was developed after the Titan IIIC, and didn't launch until 1966.

Titan IIIC specifications and performance
Length 157 ft. Diameter 10 ft.
Stage Stage name Engine(s) Propellant(s) Thrust
0 Titan UA1205 2 United Technologies UA1205 Solid 2.36 million lbs.
1 Titan 3A-1 1 Aerojet LR-87-11  N2O4, Aerozine-50 532,000 lbs.
2 Titan 3A-2 1 Aerojet LR-91-11 N2O4, Aerozine-50 101,000 lbs.
3 Titan Transtage 2 Aerojet AJ10-138 N2O4, Aerozine-50 16,000 lbs.

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Photo courtesy of U.S. Air Force (from Jonathan's Space Home Page).
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