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This is the lighthouse at Cape Canaveral. This is not the "original" lighthouse. The original was built in 1848, and was in a different location (about a mile and a half closer to the ocean, just north of Complex 46).

The lighthouse was dismantled at the start of the Civil War to discourage Union ships from landing troops, then rebuilt in 1868. In 1893, however, the lighthouse was moved west to its present location to avoid encroaching seawater. It was relit in July of 1894. The lighthouse remained attended until 1967, when it was automated. The first-order Fresnel lens was later replaced with more modern optics (the Fresnel is now on display in the Ponce de Leon Inlet Lighthouse in Daytona Beach).

The small roofless building you see at the base of the lighthouse (beyond the wooden fence) is a brick oil house. This stored the kerosene that was used to keep the beacon lit.

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