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Launch information
Upcoming Space Shuttle launches.
"Mixed Fleet" launch schedule. This covers unmanned launches for Cape Canaveral Air Force Station and Vandenberg Air Force Base, and Shuttle launches from Kennedy Space Center.

Cape Canaveral Air Force Station
The official home page.
An unofficial, volunteer-run site dedicated to the Museum.
The official home page. Run by the Det 1, 45th Support Group (Cape Commander's Office).
Patrick Air Force Base is the home of the 45th Operations Group, which conducts unmanned launches from nearby Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.

Vandenberg / Air Force sites
All about unmanned launches from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. Includes photos, launch schedules, a mailing list, and a tour. Researched and presented by Russ Schnapp.
Vandenberg Air Force Base, the U.S. west coast launch facility, is the home of the 30th Space Wing.
Photos of several Vandenberg launches by Tony Galván.

Kennedy Space Center
The official home page.
The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex (formerly known as "Spaceport USA").

Manned spaceflight programs
Information on the Apollo Project, covering guidance and navigation. Lots of information on the landing sequence.
Information on the Apollo Project missions from Goddard Space Flight Center's National Space Science Data Center. Lots of details on the experiments.
A personal retrospective of Project Apollo by Kipp Teague. This is the companion site to The Project Apollo Archive.
The official site for Shuttle and ISS information and news.

Launch vehicles and spacecraft
Shows locations and pictures of manned spacecraft and launch vehicles, from the X-15 to the Shuttle.
This is the official (Boeing Expendable Launch Systems) site, containing information on the Delta family of launch vehicles.
Comprehensive information about the Delta family of launch vehicles, researched and presented by Kevin Forsyth. Contains pictures, specs, launch information, news, and a flight log covering launches from 1960 to the present day.
The official (Lockheed Martin Astronautics Operations) site, containing information on the Atlas family of launch vehicles.
Lists the current locations of manned spacecraft, from Mercury to the Shuttle.
This official (Army) site presents a system chronology of the Army's "workhorse"
during the developmental years.
The official (Lockheed Martin Astronautics Operations) site, containing information on the Titan family of launch vehicles.

History / Reference
An official combined history of Boeing, McDonnell Douglas, and North American. Also includes links to individual histories for each company.
A history and timeline of flight, with some information on spaceflight..
Mark Wade's Encyclopedia Astronautica.
This official (45th Space Wing) site covers the heritage of Military Spaceflight Operations at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.
The Kennedy Space Center Story. You won't find any pictures, but this is a fantastic resource. (1991 Edition. Compiled and written by NASA Public Affairs, Kennedy Space Center, Fla.)
This overview of the launch complexes and facility programs was compiled by Mark Cleary, the 45th Space Wing's historian.
Goddard Space Flight Center's official chronology of successful lunar missions, from 1959 on.
JPL's Mission and Spacecraft library. No information on launch vehicles, but plenty on the spacecraft that they launched.
Electronic (HTML) copies of many important NASA publications.
The NASA Office of Policy and Plans History Office. A starting point for historical information.
A coarse timeline with links to important dates in NASA's history.
This official site has comprehensive resources (including over 1600 photos). A great place to get more information on Werner Von Braun, Explorer I, and the Army's contributions to the space program.
This official (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center) site presents an educational overview of space exploration.
Full of news, photos, and historical information. The founder, Cliff Lethbridge, has been covering the Cape since 1979, and is very knowledgeable about the Cape's history (he's helped out the author on several occasions).

Photos (and multimedia)
Boeing's online collection of photos.
Over a thousand high-quality images from NASA's library.
NASA JSC Digital Image Collection. Contains over 250,000 images, including press release and earth observation photos.
The best source for current Kennedy Space Center photos.
Lockheed Martin's online collection of photos.
Photos, video, audio, and art.
A multi-site index, sponsored by NASA STI (Scientific and Technical Information) Program.
A comprehensive reference source on the Apollo program. The best source for Apollo imagery on the web. This is the companion site to Contact Light.

News (and other resources)
The most current space news - published right in Brevard County, Florida.
A source for online space news.

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