Cable tray toward Complex 10 Zoom
Cable tray from Complex 10 to the blockhouse
Cable tray toward the blockhouse Zoom

Complex 10 was constructed along with Complex 9 in 1956 in support of the Navaho program. Although Complex 10 never hosted a Navaho launch, exercises were conducted there with Navahos on mobile launchers. Complex 10 was used for a handful of launches; 6 Jason rockets and 3 Alpha Draco rockets were launched prior to the closure of the Complex in 1959.

In the photos above, you can see the remains of an underground cable tray that went out to Complex 10.

Complex 10 launches
Date Vehicle Configuration
Aug 15, 1958 Jason Jason 1822
Aug 27, 1958 Jason Jason 1909
Aug 30, 1958 Jason Jason 2022
Aug 30, 1958 Jason Jason 2025
Aug 31, 1958 Jason Jason 2020
Sep 2, 1958 Jason Jason 2043
Feb 16, 1959 Draco Draco
Mar 16, 1959 Draco Draco
Apr 27, 1959 Draco Draco

Launch data from Encyclopedia Astronautica

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Photos courtesy of Steve Sanders
Mission Flight Control Officer, CCAFS
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