Complex 13 aerial view
Complex 13 aerial view Zoom

This is an aerial view of Complex 13, looking in the direction of southwest. In the foreground is a temporary quonset for storage. Slightly above and to the left of the quonset is the fuel storage and transfer facility.

The MST used to move to the concrete area in the foreground (our side of the quonset) for launches. When the Complex was converted to launch the Atlas-Agena in 1963, the MST was then moved along rails perpendicular to its old track.

To the right of center is the launch stand, umbilical tower, and MST. About 2/3 the way up the MST and to the right are the launch ready room and the blockhouse.

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Photo Copyright 1999
Joe Marino/Aerospace Reports Photographic Services.
Joe is a staff photographer for the National Space Society.
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