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Complex 19 was the site of twelve Gemini missions (all ten of the manned missions, and two of the unmanned missions) The balance of the Gemini (unmanned) missions were launched from Complex 14.

All manned Gemini missions used the Titan II GLV (Gemini Launch Vehicle), while all but two of the unmanned missions used the Atlas TLV (Target Launch Vehicle). Gemini missions 1 and 2 launched an unmanned Gemini capsule atop a Titan II GLV to "man-rate" the Titan II GLV/Gemini capsule combination. The Atlas TLV is also known as the Atlas SLV-3 or Atlas Agena D.

Complex 19 Gemini missions
Mission Crew Launch date
Gemini 1 (unmanned) April 8, 1964
Gemini 2 (unmanned) January 19, 1965
Gemini 3 Virgil I. "Gus" Grissom - John Young March 23, 1965
Gemini 4 James A. McDivitt - Edward H. White II June 3, 1965
Gemini 5 L. Gordon Cooper, Jr. - Charles "Pete" Conrad, Jr. August 21, 1965
Gemini 7 James A. Lovell, Jr. - Frank Borman December 4, 1965
Gemini 6A Walter M. Schirra, Jr. - Thomas P. Stafford December 15, 1965
Gemini 8 Neil A. Armstrong - David R. Scott March 16, 1966
Gemini 9A Thomas P. Stafford - Eugene A. Cernan June 3, 1966
Gemini 10 John Young - Michael Collins July 18, 1966
Gemini 11 Charles "Pete" Conrad, Jr. - Richard F. Gordon September 12, 1966
Gemini 12 Jim Lovell - Edwin E. "Buzz" Aldrin, Jr. November 11, 1966

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