Pershing I
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The Martin Marietta Pershing I missile (MGM-31A) was conceived as a follow-on to the Redstone. The first Pershing I launch took place on February 25, 1960. The Pershing I was deployed in 1963.

An improved version, the Pershing Ia, was deployed in 1969. The Pershing II, representing an evolutionary change in the system, was deployed in 1983.

The Pershing I was the first solid fueled MRBM (Medium Range Ballistic Missile) deployed by the U.S. Army. In fact, the Pershing family was the only solid fueled MRBM ever deployed by the Army.

With the ratification of the INF (Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces) Treaty with the Soviet Union in 1987, the Pershing fleet was slated for destruction. In 1991, after nearly three decades of service, the last of the Pershing fleet was destroyed.

Pershing I specifications and performance
Length 34 ft., 7 in. Weight 10,275 lbs.
Thrust Stage 1: 26,000 lbs.
Stage 2: 19,200 lbs.
Speed Mach 8
Ceiling ??? miles Range 100-460 miles
Warhead W-50 thermonuclear (400 KT)
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Photo courtesy of U.S. Army
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