On top of the launch pedestal
On top of the launch pedestal at Complex 34 Zoom

We are on top of the launch pedestal at Complex 34. The torus ring and its water nozzles are seen encircling the exhaust hole (temporarily covered by a metal grating). Rising around the pedestal, outside the perimeter of the torus ring, are the support/hold-down arms. There are a total of eight such arms: four for support (the vehicle rested atop them prior to launch) and four hold-down arms which both supported and restrained the vehicle until the engines were operating at power.

Visible in the distance (directly west of us) is the service structure. To its left is the blockhouse. Even further left is the high-pressure gas facility, which stored pressurized nitrogen and helium.

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Photo courtesy of NASA (from Moonport: A History of Apollo Launch Facilities and Operations).
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