Complex 34
Complex 34, circa 1967 Zoom

This is an aerial view of Complex 34 as it appeared in 1967. The 310 foot high service structure is in place at the launch stand, and the Complex is full of activity; you can see many trailers and vehicles around the pad and near the blockhouse.

The tanks at the bottom center of the photo (one spherical, one cylindrical, closest to the shoreline) mark the LH2 (liquid hydrogen) facility. The small pond to its right is the LH2 burn pond (the larger pond above and between them is the flume & skimming basin).

Moving south (left) along the shoreline, we reach the twin 30,000 gallon tanks at the fuel facility, used to store RP-1. Inland from there, a spherical tank is visible at the LOX (liquid oxygen) facility. Still further inland are the blockhouse and operations support building.

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Photo courtesy of NASA (Photo ID: KSC-67C-681).
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