Redstone at Complex 5
Redstone rocket at Complex 5, after Hurricane Floyd Zoom

In September of 1999, Hurricane Floyd passed along the Eastern Seaboard of the United States. Hurricane Floyd was particularly devastating, resulting in billions of dollars of damage and more than 70 deaths. Though North Carolina bore the brunt of the storm, nine other states were also declared major disaster areas.

At approximately 4 AM on September 15, the eye of the hurricane passed 120 miles east of Cape Canaveral. No flight hardware was damaged, and the damage to structures was described as light to moderate. One unfortunate incident was the downing of the Redstone rocket that stood at Complex 5. Although the model Mercury capsule that sat atop the Redstone was not damaged, the rocket is a total loss.

This rocket and spacecraft have since been replaced with a model constructed by Gard-Lee of Apopka, Florida.

See the Complex 5/6 blockhouse
Complex 5 before the hurricane
Photo courtesy of Dave Tipton.
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