Missile Row, circa 1964 Zoom

It is November of 1964, and the Cape Kennedy Air Force Station's northern half bristles with gantries at active launch Complexes. In the foreground are Complexes 1-4; immediately north of that the twin launch pads at Complex 36. The remaining gantries mark Missile Row (save the top two - Complexes 34 and 37):

Missile Row
Complex Active Launches Vehicles launched
11 1958-1964 33 Atlas B, Atlas-Score, Atlas D, Atlas E, Atlas F
12 1958-1967 37 Atlas A, Atlas C, Atlas D, Atlas-Able, Atlas-Agena B, Atlas-Antares, Atlas-Agena D
13 1958-1978 51 Atlas B, Atlas D, Atlas E, Atlas F, Atlas-Agena D
14 1957-1966 32 Atlas A, Atlas B, Atlas D, Atlas-Able, Atlas-Agena A, Mercury-Atlas, Atlas-Agena D
15 1959-1964 26 Titan I, Titan II
16 1959-1963 13 Titan I, Titan II
1973-1988 149 Pershing IA, Pershing II
19 1959-1966 27 Titan I (unmanned), Gemini Titan II (manned)
20 1960-1965 20 Titan I, Titan IIIA
1990-1993 6 Starbird, Prospector, Aries I
1999-present Unknown Sounding rockets

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Photo courtesy of NASA (Photo ID: KSC-64PC-82).
Launch site data compiled by Cliff Lethbridge, Spaceline Inc. Used with permission.
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