Long before Space Shuttles were lifting off from the Kennedy Space Center, what is now the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station was launching America's rockets. You don't hear too much about Cape Canaveral Air Force Station today, other than the fact that it launches unmanned missions. You'll see it on TV or in the news if the mission is popular (the Mars mission), if disaster strikes (the explosion of a Delta II rocket in 1997), or if the mission is controversial (Cassini). Other than that, most of the general public doesn't get to see Cape Canaveral Air Force Station unless they visit it (usually as a side trip to Kennedy Space Center).

Some areas of Cape Canaveral Air Force Station can be seen on the Kennedy Space Center's "Then and Now" bus tour. Other than that, the general public doesn't get to see much of the facility. In 1996, I was given a tour by the director of the Air Force Space & Missile Museum. He spent all day escorting me to the various facilities at the Air Force Station, and patiently watched me burn off roll after roll of film.

I set this site up to give a "guided tour" of the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. I've included more than 50 of the better pictures I had taken, and added over 30 from other sources (including historical photos). In 2005, a Mission Flight Controller Officer named Steve Sanders contacted me and offered to help me tell the story of the Cape. Since January of 2005, Steve has generously provided hundreds of photos as well as an insider's view of the Cape, and this website has nearly doubled in size. I hope you enjoy it!

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