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2008-09-14Uploaded higher-quality historical photos for Complex 14.
2008-09-09Added a new Complex! While most of the Complex 15 pad structures are gone, Steve Sanders was able to provide pictures of the blockhouse interior.
2008-09-04Updated/added some photos for Complex 14.
2008-09-02Added a current photo of the sign at Gate 1. Steve Sanders was kind enough to take an entire day out of his weekend to give me a tour of the Cape in July.
2006-02-10The Complex 9/10 portion of the tour has been completely reengineered. There are now 77 pages of content for this section, featuring nearly 70 brand new photos from Steve Sanders, and several historical photos.
2005-07-26Added a brand new launch Complex! Steve Sanders has provided photos of Complex 30, the site of Pershing launches until its deactivation in 1968.
2005-05-05Updated the Complex 40 page to reflect its inactive status. The last Titan was launched from the Cape on April 29th, marking the end of Complex 40's launch operations. Congratulations to the Titan family, and thank you for your service. I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.
2005-04-05Added a brand new launch Complex! Steve Sanders has provided photos of Complex 18, the former home of the Vanguard program as well as the site of Thor and Blue Scout launches. There are 49 new pages of content, and 54 new photos. This includes 9 historical photos from Jerry Tritto - Mr. Tritto was a propulsion engineer with the Vanguard program, and greatly assisted by providing a tour of the Complex, and answering many questions about the Complex and the Vanguard program.
2005-03-10Added the "Aerial view" feature to the Beach House.
2005-03-08Added the "Aerial view" feature to Complex 13.
2005-02-20Added another historical photo of Launch Crew #5 at Complex 21.
2005-02-16The Complex 21/22 portion of the tour has been completely reengineered. Be sure to check out the new "Aerial view" (click the blue button at the bottom of any of the Complex 21/22 pages). The "Aerial view" feature will be added to more pages as the tour is updated. Aerial photos are courtesy of the St. John's River Water Management District.
2005-02-11Added a photo of the front of Hangar C along with a historical photo from the same angle.
2005-02-07Added a photo of a 1962 Mace launch to Complex 21.
2005-02-05Re-routed the tour to go from Complex 31/32 to the lighthouse to Complex 21/22. Also added a new site to the tour: Steve Sanders has provided photos of Hangar C (right next to the lighthouse). Steve has graciously offered to assist the author in updating the tour with new photos: you'll be seeing much more of his photography work as the tour gets updated.
2005-02-04Added a photo of the Challenger remains being placed in a silo at Complex 31.
2005-01-31Added a photo of the monument on the Complex 14 launch ramp.
2005-01-28Added additional photos of the Mercury Monument at Complex 14.
2005-01-26Rumors of this website's death (and/or mine) are greatly exaggerated. Check out the Beach House and stay tuned for more new content!
2002, 2003, 2004 Updated links
2001-07-13 The site you now see is the result of a major redesign. Individual changes are too numerous to mention, but here's a summary: every photo has been rescanned (they're larger and higher quality), many new photos have been added, and additional Complexes, facilities, and historical visits have been added.
For historical purposes, changes to the old site are listed below.

2000-08-26 It seems that the aerial for Complex 40 was really an aerial of Complex 41 (thanks to Brian Seidl at Lockheed Martin for pointing this out). We now have both Complex 40 and Complex 41, and the photos aren't swapped.
2000-05-27 Added an aerial of Complex 40.
2000-03-05 Added an aerial of Complex 34. Also added a photo of fuel line supports at Complex 34.
2000-01-09 Fixed some erroneous information regarding Complex 21/22. Thanks to Cliff Lethbridge for the correction.
1999-12-12 Added a photo of the damaged Redstone rocket at Complex 5.
1999-12-02 Added an aerial of the Air Force Space & Missile Museum.
1999-11-19 Added two more aerials from Joe Marino: Complex 36 and Complex 13.
1999-11-06 Added a Tour map. I'll be working on making a better looking one, but this should give an idea where the Complexes are in relation to each other.
1999-10-30 Added an aerial view of Complex 17. This is the first in a series of aerial photos by Joe Marino, a staff photographer for the National Space Society.
1999-09-11 Added information on the Titan II missile. Also added a new page with information on the Gemini Titan II launch vehicle.
1999-07-28 Added a photo of the liftoff of Sigma 7.
1999-06-25 Fixed erroneous information regarding the contents of the missile silo at Complex 31. The silo does not contain the remains of the Apollo 204 capsule. It may be in a storage facility in Langely. Thanks to Kay Grinter, Gary White, and Laurel Lichtenberger for the correction.
1999-05-08 Added a feature to some pages that will allow you to "go back in time" and visit the site when it was active (or in the case of active facilities, a few decades ago when the facility looked different). There's just a handful now, but I'll continue to add them. Try it for Complex 19: just click on the watch () when you get there.
1999-04-19 Added some additional information regarding the launch facilities at Complex 34.
1999-03-31 Added links to zoomed images for the Complex 5 launch pad and the Mace and Matador missiles.
1999-01-18 Updated/corrected information regarding the Complex 9/10 launch site. Special thanks to Pierre Trichet, who has provided me with a wealth of information regarding Complex 9/10.
1998-11-26 Added a picture of an Atlas IIA rocket on the pad at Complex 36.
1998-10-17 Added a links page.
1998-10-15 Added a new page with the entrance to the electrical/mechanical rooms at Complex 34.
1998-09-01 Changed the About this tour page to include information on how to visit the Air Force Space & Missile Museum, and how to support the Museum. Also changed the About the author page to add a recent picture.
1998-08-24 Added a new page with information on the Mercury Redstone rocket.
1998-08-02 You can now zoom in on most pictures in the tour! To zoom in on a picture, click on the magnifying glass () at the lower right-hand corner of the picture. This will display a larger sized version of the picture.
1998-07-07 Started adding source notes. This will be an ongoing activity.
1998-07-05 Added an awards page.
1998-05-14 Added information about the Juno I rocket to the Complex 6 page.
1998-04-14 Added a picture of the LOX storage and transfer facility to the Complex 13 pages.
1998-04-02 Added file sizes to all of the pictures. Stay tuned! I'll be adding a picture of the Complex 13 LOX storage and transfer facility.
1998-03-05 Fixed some erroneous information for Complexes 19 and 34.
1998-03-01 Added information on unmanned Gemini launches to one of the Complex 19 pages.
1998-02-27 Added a Guest Book.
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